Heather is a natural energy healer, meditation teacher, advanced seasoned practitioner, and crystal healing mystic, who has been initiated and spiritually trained worldwide. Her yoga studies began in 2010 when her father passed away. Years later, she pursued her 300hr advanced teacher training with Jared McCann at Lighthouse Yoga School, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In the past decade, Heather has studied with world-renowned teachers: HH Maharaj Radhanath Swami, Raghunath, Sharon Gannon, Yogeswari, Sri Dharma Mittra, Yogi Charu, Rodney Yee, Gokulacandra, Kino MacGregor, Sum Faht, and Sivananda Ashram Bahamas. With 14 past incarnations of spiritual practice, her incredibly deep teachings and ancient healings are truly from her soul, emitting sacred energy to all those around her. Her powerful voice and universal energy intensely radiate throughout the space. Trusting the path, helping all people in more ways than just asana. Heather received her Kundalini Awakening Shaktipat Initiation with Enlightened Master Guruji Vishalbhai Pandya; An initiation ceremony with Andean Master Kamaski in the Andes mountains, Sacred Valley of Peru, where he activated her past-life ancient Incan healing abilities; received Vedic meditation initiation at The Spring; and awakened by blessed Puja ceremonies. A true spiritual path that was like breathing in life. This led to serving the people with private healing sessions, sound healing journeys, meditation classes, selfless service for the homeless, and health & wellness events.


I began my yoga practice at Root Hot Yoga in January of 2017. I quickly began to see all of the amazing benefits yoga had on not just my body, but my mind as well so I started practicing more and more. The more my love for yoga grew the more I wanted to be able to share this beautiful practice with others. I started my yoga teacher training in October 2018 at Younique Yoga in Allenhurst and became certified in Vinyasa in February 2019. I love vinyasa because of the way it connects the mind, body, and soul with each breath. Yoga has truly changed my life for the better and I am so grateful to be able to share this wonderful gift!

Miriam Pilgrim

Miriam began practicing yoga in 2005 in New York City in order to regain and maintain strength and flexibility after twice sustaining a hip stress fracture. As soon as she attending her first class she was hooked! From that point on has continually incorporated yoga practice into her daily life.After leaving her corporate job and returning to New Jersey, giving birth to her two beautiful daughters. She knew she needed to share the gift of yoga with others. In 2016 she completed her 200hr and 300hr Teacher Training Certificates from Colts Neck Yoga. She also completed Training from Little Flower Yoga for kids yoga and mindfulness.
She continues her yoga education through her daily yoga practice, workshops and trainings.


Christian Almazan

Christian’s yoga journey began, February 2016, at Brookdale Community College where he was fortunate enough to learn from two amazing teachers! Through their guidance of both the asana and meditation practice, Christian’s love for yoga began to expand. He continued down his yogic path, practicing daily with a very knowledgeable and spiritual teacher. This daily practice allowed him to become more aware of all the beautiful and positive benefits of yoga, which has opened up his heart, mind, body, and soul. As he connected with many other like-minded yogis, he followed a wonderful suggestion from a student of Sri Dharma Mittra to take one of his classes. In July 2017, Christian enrolled into the Life of a Yogi 200-hour teacher training, preparing him to share the gifts of teaching yoga to all beings.  

“Be compassionate to all beings through your words, thoughts, and actions.” ~ Sri Dharma Mittra

Dave Cox

During the summer of 2013, I was dragged kicking and screaming to my first yoga class by one of my closest friends. My argument against taking yoga was that I played sports for my entire life and there was no way I was going to pay someone to show me how to stretch. Needless to say, I had no idea what Yoga meant. I begrudgingly attended my first class, which turned out to be a very demanding arm balance class. I fell in love with the practice that night and haven't stopped moving since. At first the satisfaction came from learning and practicing the difficult asanas. But after some time had passed, I also started to learn about the psychological and spiritual benefits of having a yoga practice. After a few years of regular practice, I can honestly say that yoga has taught me a great deal about myself, has helped me to identify with others, and has allowed me to see myself in others. In October of 2015, I made the decision that I wanted to try and share with others what my amazing teachers had shared with me by seeking my 200 hour certification. Teaching yoga for the past few years has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I look forward to sharing this gift with others for many years to come.

Rachel Wallace

I am so grateful to have fallen in love with yoga while on the path to healing a slipped spinal disc in 2009. It was the deep physical, emotional, and spiritual cleanse from my practice that had left me eager to learn more! With the inspiration and kind encouragement from Kate McChesney, and Annmarie Rung, I found the courage to receive my 200 hr Yoga Alliance certification under Jimmy Barkan in Westchester, NY (2011), and an additional Barkan Method training in Costa Rica (2012). Growing up with many years as a dancer, I have a profound love for creative movement and self expression, which I carry into my classes. I encourage my students to test their boundaries on the mat by flowing without hesitation or fear. At the end of class, it’s not the aesthetics of our postures that matter, because our bodies are constantly evolving and changing. It is rather the feeling and quality of our divine breath and conscious movement, that keep us radiating towards our highest, authentic self!

Jessica Anderson

I came into yoga for purposes of strengthening and relaxing my mind and body. I was stunned to find that yoga not only helped build muscle tone and strength but also transformed my heart, mind, spirit, relationships, and my entire life, all for the better! I completed my certification at Even Flow yoga in Red Bank, New Jersey with Christian Valeriani. Throughout my training I enjoyed learning and practicing yoga with all my instructors. I have had very inspirational teachers who helped me feel strong mentally, emotionally, and physically. My unconditional love and acceptance towards others, especially towards my students, and the practice of yoga continues to deepen. Yoga has miraculously transformed my life and I am very grateful to be teaching and enthusiastically sharing this miracle with others. 

Cheryl Chang

Cheryl is a dedicated student and practitioner of yoga. She is a lover of learning, sharing and teaching yoga! Her yoga journey did not start on a mat, but with meditation classes her mom took her to at a local Buddhist temple. Shortly after that, she began her yoga asana practice. Taking both her meditation and asana practice, she learned to connect the mind and the body. In those years, she started to recognize the power that a dedicated yoga practice has to enable us to evolve in so many ways, both on and off the mat. She completed her 200-hour teacher training through Kala Pravinya Yoga. She hopes that in every class she teaches, it provides the opportunity to make space, to explore, to flow, to strengthen and to restore. Cheryl is also a certified paddle yoga instructor through Flow Paddle Yoga. When she’s not teaching yoga, on land or on the water, she works a corporate job in the healthcare industry. She enjoys maintaining an equal balance of both worlds!

Cheryl is grateful for all the opportunities she has been given to meet and learn from so many amazing teachers. Now, she is honored to be teaching yoga and to passing on the joy and love she found in her own practice onto others.


Denise’s journey on the mat began as a teen as she joined her best friend and mother to a yoga class! Her intention was to support her mom, definitely not to pursue a yoga practice!  Needless to say as she moved away to college she put her mat away and pursued a BS in Exercise Science!  It wasn't until after starting a family that she returned to her mat.  When returning to her mat to obtain a “physical practice” she was pleasantly surprised to find much more.

Yoga has been a life changing practice for Denise.  >From meditation to a powerful asana, her practice enables her to attain mental and physical wellbeing!  She loves to create safe, alignment based, physically challenging sequences that require mental focus, allowing others to remain present on their mats throughout practice.

Denise received her 200 RYT through the Yoga Education Institute with Tula Yoga and 500 RYT training from Yoga Works.

Join Denise on the mat for a creative yet simple flow, offering a challenge utilizing pranayama to achieve these challenges and obtain a blissful feeling!  It is her goal to enable others to cultivate peace and happiness on and off the mat!


Yoga Teacher, Designer and Animal Enthusiast has been teaching  yoga for over the last 13 years. Kate's mission is to inspire, encourage and educate students on the benefits of asana, pranayama and meditation practice.

Dharma Mittra Life of a Yogi 200 Hour Teacher Training,
The Barkan Method Hot Vinyasa Teacher Training  Advanced TT level II 70hr Fort Lauderdale, Fla

The Barkan Method Hot Vinyasa Teacher Training Advanced TT Level III 80hr Costa Rica
Inner Light Yoga Center 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Sivananda Practice
SRF: Self Relization Fellowship student since 2009, founded by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Reiki Certified Level I & II.

She has studied with a wide array of teachers including: Sri Dharma Mittra, Sri Andrei Ram, Jimmy Barkan, Baron Baptiste, Ana Forrest, Sadi Nardini, Kelly Green, Rodney Yee, Jeff Seymour, David Swenson, Adam Sobel and Seane Corn.

“Move your joints every day. You have to find your own tricks. Bury your mind deep in your heart, and watch the body move by itself.” ~ Sri Dharma Mittra

Owner/Style: Dharma Mittra Yoga, Barken Method Hot Yoga Vinyasa, Sivananda


I am an E- RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher. I received my 200 Hour Teacher Training at The Center for Health and Healing. I continued my education further by taking multiple Posture and Aromatherapy workshops taught by many highly regarded teachers as well as attending Jimmy Barkan’s Hot Yoga Training in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Today my practice is still evolving as I continue to learn from all the beautiful teachers that inspire me as well as all the amazing people that I meet each day as a teacher. The dedication, persistence, acceptance and patience of our fellow yogis make this a unique environment to experience and practice in. I welcome the opportunity to learn from each and every class and person that I meet on this continued journey of enlightenment and self-realization and hope that someday you also will have this experience. Namaste


My yoga journey began in 2009 when I was invited to take a yoga class at a local gym. I found it was NOT as easy as I imagined. I was amazed at how good it made me feel so I kept going back to learn more. Yoga has helped me grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully. I received my 200 RYT certification in the spring of 2011 from Yoga Works along with many hours of workshops and daily practice from various yoga styles, lineages and teachers. I also practice as an Adult Nurse Practitioner and I’m deeply grateful that I can share my passion for yoga and infuse it with my love of nursing. My practice is always evolving and I am constantly inspired and motivated by all the teachers around me. In my classes, with a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration, I love combining creative sequencing, centering on alignment, leading students into a peak pose. I want to help others thrive in life by nurturing body, mind and soul with yoga. My hope is that students step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished, inspired, and balanced.  

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